Another Christmas all alone

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    A girl invite me to her birthday party a few weeks ago I thought about asking her out. First I ask one of her friends if the girl was going out with anybody. Her friend say so she not looking to go out with anybody I think. Then she went out one the girl look at me as a friend and, was worry if I ask her out I could be messing up my friendship with her. I thought the girl like me because she always staring at me and sitting by me.

    What the worse she could to me? Say no? I couldn't tell if her friend was trying to keep me away from the girl or was jealous. I have a hard time in believing her friend was protecting me from getting my feelings hurt. I decide not ask her out.

    Boy did I make a mistake. I regret asking her friend and, going to girl party. I was so pissed I decide to stop talking to them altogether at least for a friend months. For now I focus on making myself happy I'm about to give up on finding a girlfriend I don't think I will ever find a girlfriend.
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    Give it time hun you will find that special connections it will happen without you even trying hugs
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    The worst thing that could have happened was her sayig no. There are a lot of chicks out there, you just have to be in the initiativ. And don't worry about rejection, the more you get rejected the less you care about it lol