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*hysterical The 'you're not safe right now' um, that's always. Which I guess explains the physiological response (I like that word for it doesn't say anything about me, makes it external kinda).
Yeah, I've heard you phrase things that way pretty often, so I guess you really must be feeling anxiety on some level rather often.
I have never had a day without anxiety leading it. Nevermind what i want or what i need… It controls my life and NONE of my doctors have found a way to make it stop getting worse by the minute let alone make it better… Ive tried tons of medication… Been doing therapy for years… im stuck. i feel doomed or cursed. I cant even dance anymore. the stage used to be the only place where i could let go of everything but now i cant step foot on one without having such bad panic attacks that i faint. it ruined my life and i cant do anything about it...
Sorry that you are going through this Rose
Ive tried tons of medication… Been doing therapy for years
I'm not sure if you want suggestions, but there are some things that have helped me that I could try to share if you are interested.

I hope that things can get better soon.


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Frustrated. It is ridiculous af, sensitive to everything - wtf.

My Signs:
- overwhelmed
- tense/on edge
- racing thoughts
- breathlessness (almost hyperventilating)
- lightheadedness
- high stress
- fainting episodes
- panic/whine


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I have been suffering from anxiety for years, in some cases I thought I was gonna die and was unaware that it was anxiety, the root cause of many of my issues. I would just like to throw out there what helped me the most since I never actually got medical treatment from any doctor or whatever and that was CBD oils! It helped so much. I would recommend anyone giving it a try if you haven't already.


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I used to suffer from pretty bad anxiety 10 or 15 years ago. but I have been relatively anxiety free (except minor anxiety occasionally) for years. it came back a couple of months ago. I tried to deny it and hide it from myself. then it started to get to a point that I was in crises and of course possibly dangerous. so I finally talked to my doctor and i'm going back on meds, I can't live this way. I hope I can get back on track. this took me completely by surprise. when a bad attack happens it seems like I don't have any control over my mind. I have tunnel vision only concentrating on one thing. so I hope I have this figured out and can be safe. and no I won't stop fighting I will win this also...mike...*hug

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