Anyone here familiar with MBTI and Enneagram types?

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    Well, I'm a 1w2 INFJ. I long for deep, meaningful relationships. I'm often disappointed at how shallow and bland many people are. Sometimes I feel like I wasn't meant for this world because it doesn't appear to have what I am looking for. I'm just looking for a friend, someone like myself, who can speak to me on the same wavelength, who can inspire me, who can show me that the world isn't only full of trashy people. I want to feel understood, unalone, reciprocated. Is that too much? I just want to feel like I belong, around people of my own kind. I'm tired of being let down. The more relationships I form, the more intense my loneliness becomes. It only highlights how I really don't belong here. Why you ask? It's complicated if you don't know the study of MBTI and enneagram. They describe me almost 100% accurate so here's a bit about them if you like to learn and take the free test for yourself:


    It's based on human psychology study. This is a self-test so the accuracy depends very much on how honest your answers are. My result is INFJ - Type 1w2, which profiles you can read on those two sites.

    So back to my story, I'm lonely and I'm worried my loneliness and pain will only continue to grow as time passes by. It really feels like being a bird in a world of foxes.. I'd probably regret creating this thread soon. Ah. *facepalm*
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    Hello, just something you may want to read. What you are asking for is not too much, what are you passionate about? What stops you finding groups or hobbyists with a similar passion? What in your view is a trashy person and how are you different from that? Have you considered that many people don't start from deep meaningful conversations, but it begins with asking about the weather? Biggest key to shedding my own lonely experience was figuring out both the value in small talk but also figuring out what I am passionate about, then finding others passionate about the same things. So I at least had one thing to talk about.
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    Very, very interesting and on both counts, scarily accurrate, moreso than a lot of sites I have seen before. Theres a lot of reading to be done [which I am too tired to do right now] but overall, I see a reflection of myself and already knew where I expected to feature and thankfully, that shows I do at least know a little about myself. Years ago, outcomes would have been different as I was a different person then. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised how well both these sites identified current strengths and weaknesses. I shall be referring back to them in the coming days/weeks to read more.
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    I've not looked at those specific links @Asdlax but I'd be an INFP and a 4w5. Very strong 2 side. And of course have parts of all, but yeah.
    Are you a guy? Your name seems to imply that.
    You can find people to connect to. I know. It's hard to connect to others, and takes time, but if you look beneath the surface you can. Also there are many different types of friends. You can make some really loyal caring friends who may not understand you fully. And that's okay. Not everyone in the world is meant to understand you. I've always felt like an alien looking in on the world. As though the world are dancing to a tune I don't hear, somehow the music I hear is different, when I try dance their dance I stumble and fall. I've got to live my own way and dance to my own beat. And hopefully meet people along the way who I can relate to/who can relate to me. Either way I depend on myself, my self worth depends on me, not on others. hard for me to realize but true.
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    Hi everyone, I've recently come back from a one year hiatus. I'm not sure if you guys are still around but I'm replying all of these regardless. I completely forgot I made this thread until @Innocent revived this.

    Hi. Here's a bit about me:
    I used to be a part of several art communities. I met my ex there. Due to some events in my life, my passion for drawing hasn't been too stable so I haven't been too active since.

    Yes I am aware that every relationship starts with a simple "hello". I do see the value in small talks. They're relaxing but some never develop from there and then it just becomes onesided, and pointless.
    People out there are often too scared to open up, but without vulnerability the relationship cannot grow. That's pretty much what I meant.

    Hey, glad you found it useful. I took the test a few times a year. I've been seeing slight changes in the percentages and recently shifted from INFJ to INTJ. I'll have to retake them in the following few months and assess myself. Indeed a good source to track one's identity and personal growth journey.

    Ah they're websites to take the test and read about all possible results in depth. 4w5 INFP? Interesting.
    I prefer the pronoun "he" but I identify myself as gender neutral.
    That's absolutely true. I like how you phrased it. You infps tend to speak in poetic words and metaphors. Well, one thing in common.
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    Interesting links! I also am a 4w5 with strong tendencies toward 2. I have identified as an INTJ in the past, but this test link describes me as an INTP.
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    I'm an ISFJ (A) but that's really fluctuated over time. I've done these a few times and I'm positive that was not what I was last time.
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    @east_coast_mel @Mr95 Based on their descriptions, which one do you personally relate better? People often mistype themself in these self-assessment tests because depending on your honesty and mood at the time your selections may differ and considering they depend heavily on your answers yes it can result in inconsistency. Knowing yourself very well is helps in this case, I find.
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    For me, at this point, INTP for sure.
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