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Anyone know about Dermatographia?


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Fun fact, I have been sort of ignoring a moderate case of dermatographia for about 5 years now, that my wonderful girlfriend has just noticed and does not seem to be as "non-fussed" as I am about it.

Does anyone have any advice that works for Dermatographia so I can get her off my ichy back? :D

p.s. so far Benadryl works fine as long as i remember to take it daily, which I do not.


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I've just had to look it up as I'd not heard of it before.

It seems that antihistamines are the routine treatment. You can get stronger antihistamines than benadryl. I take fexofenadine year round and I have a fair few allergies. I can't remember where you are but if in the UK it can't be bought over the counter so would mean a trip to the docs to get a prescription - and of course remembering to take them ;)

If your girlfriend is more bothered than you maybe she can remind you every morning?


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Girlfriends - saving men's lives since the beginning of time. :P It seems like she truly cares for you. :)

I've never heard of dermatographia either, but I'm sorry you're dealing with it, it looks quite painful. *console I don't know anything about actual treatments, but I can suggest that if the allergy comes from particles on your skin, it's worth checking what you wash your clothes, body and home with (and the frequency). Treating your skin kindly, avoiding any irritation (be gentle! :D) and a healthy lifestyle can always help, I suppose. As to remembering to take your medicine, what about setting a daily alarm to remind you? and/or keeping some pills in sight wherever you go - like on your desk, near your bed, etc. ? :) Take good care of yourself.
Benadryl works fine
Benadryl is not really intended to be taken on a daily basis, long-term. As @Sunspots mentioned, getting a better medicine from your doctor might be an improvement.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine dermatographia can have several different causes, with "Deficient Blood" being one of the most common. Symptoms of "Deficient Blood" include vertigo, anxiety, depression, palpitations, headaches, thinness or emaciation, blurred vision or spots in front of the eyes, numbness or trembling in the extremities, lower back pain, night sweats, dry skin or hair (or both), and a pale face. Pale lips and pale nail beds are also indicative of "Blood Deficiency". You don't necessarily have to have all of these symptoms to have it, but if you have most or many of them, it's more likely.

The ideal thing would be to see an acupuncturist or traditional Chinese herbalist regardless of whether this is related to "Deficient Blood" or not, but I could also try making some dietary and other recommendations if you are interested.


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Reading through this, there's seems to be a bit of confusion regarding antihistamines. First of all, Benadryl. That manufacturer has several products on the market containing differing active ingredients. In the USA, Benadryl will contain the sedative antihistamine, Diphenhydramine. Generally speaking, unless advised by a doctor it shouldn't really be used on a chronic basis.
However, I believe you're in the UK Dante. The available Benadryl products over here will likely to be containing either Acrivastatine or Cetirizine which are both classified as non-sedative antihistamines and can be used on a long term basis.

Regarding Fexofenadine, the 120mg strength was deregulated from POM status at the backend of 2020 and so made available to purchase without a prescription. However, if Benadryl works for you, then I'd recommend to stick with that and consider switching to an alternative once your system gets used to it and so is no longeer effective.

Dermatographia or skin writing is a form of urticaria. Exact cause is unknown although general school of thought is that it's linked to a slightly over exuberant immune system kicking off an allergic response. Apart from taking antihistamines, avoidance of known trigger factors such as exposure to hot water, harsh soaps/toiletries, staying away from wolly or similarly itchy types of clothing may help.
One important thing to do, is to moisturise. Dry skin will make it itchy, therefore applying suitable emollients will hopefully benefit.

You mentiond that it's moderate, as long as the antihistamines you're taking works then all well and good. But for your information, for more severe cases, treatment can be stepped up with other options being available such as phototherapy or for more extreme hardcore instances use of MCA's.
Options are there to help you manage it effectively, which naturally of course a dermatologist should be able to guide you with.
In the USA, Benadryl will contain the sedative antihistamine, Diphenhydramine
Yes, I mistakenly assumed Benadryl sold in the US and the UK contained the same ingredients, but apparently not. Imho, it still might not be a bad idea to get a doctor's advice about what drug to take @Dante.

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