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Anyone suicidal from medication?

I am trying to wean off Zoloft. 150 mg. Medication has done nothing for me but make me worse. Now I a, going through a different type of hell. Does anyone really survive all this? I am in intense therapy for ocd, anxiety, depression and ptsd. Medication is not the answer for me....not sure anything is.😥


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i'm surprised zoloft didn't work i tried it years ago and had to stop it because it worked too well. and there is a good chance of being suicidal going on or coming off those kind of meds, if possible have someone keep an eye on you. is your doctor easing you off slowly? i think you should try different things. ask your doctor if you can try something else. you can try other methods like meditation, accupuncture etc. you can ask @may71 about alternative methods if meds don't work. he knows a lot more than i do on this. please work closely with your doctor on any treatments...mike...*hug*shake

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