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Anyone with autonomic dysfunction?

He!lo, I'm new here.
Really really struggling with many disabling and frightening neurological problems inc severe autonomic dysfunction.
I feel so ill that I don't know how to get through each minute.
Because I don't yet have a full diagnosis I can't get any palliative or supportive care even if it exists and most of the time now I'm so desperate and feeling that the only way to get relief is to die.
Sorry that you're going through this CaliCat.

It's understandable that you feel this way, but I think there are some better approaches than to make a suicide attempt.

The Mayo Clinic is conducting clinical trials on acupuncture and autonomic dysfunction, and you might want to consider particpating

I recommend acupuncture here often for a lot of conditions, but particularly if conventional medicine has nothing to offer you, you might want to look into this. The link in my signature, and the sub links, have some information that may help. I'll post a copy of the links in case you're on a phone

Treating Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain; Other Suicide Help

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, World's Second Largest Medical System

You may want to ask your doctor if they have any objection to your getting acupuncture, and if they don't, then ask an acupuncturist if you can expect any benefits from treatment (and how many treatments would be needed before you get results). I can say more about the subject of acupuncture if you are interested.

If you don't get benefits from acupuncture, or decide not to try it, you may want to communicate to your doctor how intolerable your symptoms are and how urgently you need treatment.

I hope something can help.


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Hi @CaliCat .I'm dealing with similar issues .
Whats your interpretation or diagnosis of sever autonomic dysfunction.
Have appointment with my dr in a few days to try get a diagnosis.
Take care of yourself.

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