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Asking for help!


Jay Jay from the UK
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When you required help for mental ill health was it easy?

A question to think about as I urge mental health advocates to think about their language when they get to that point where they reached out.

I admire those people that tell their story about mental ill health and recovery, however do we not have a responsibility to be honest about the journey?

I do not know anyone that suddenly reached out for help and that is because they did not even realise what they were going through.

If it took you years to ask for help, it is right to say "I was able to ask for help after years or struggling" To see posts where it can appear that a person suddenly asked for help and with little context may give false hope to many.

Last week I asked for help and it took days of soul searching and going round and round in my head and I am thankful that I have some excellent people around me who know what to do.

It can be very hard to ask for help and it can take as long as it takes, let us support people when they believe it is the right time to ask for help.
When i have asked for help, it was hard, horrible.

Mental health near me is overburdened. my last referral, I called, they told me they didnt have appointments. ”wait for 3 months, if you still feel like you need help, call back for an appointment. Then it will be 3-6 months for an appointment.”


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Jayjay289, You have some very good ideas.....and questions. When I asked for help it was like throwing "dust in the wind." Even though my recent difficulty has been unique, I looked just like I did before, and nobody understood what I have experienced.

Honesty is in my soul, and on the other side of the coin, honesty is often the reason that people may walk away.

I have begged for help when life became difficult, and have not met anyone who has said, "Hmmm, what can I do to help?"

As you said, asking for help is hard to do.

I hope your support is moving forward, and I agree 100% with your last comment...."let us support people when they believe it is the right time to ask for help."

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