Blunted Affect in depression/Bipolar/etc

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by catecholamine, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. catecholamine

    catecholamine Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever had issues with blunted affect? Wikipedia describes it as:
    I did not notice myself that I had this issue until I started noticing how others were acting towards me and what people said to me. Example:
    My car was messed up, wouldn't start consistently. My dad works on cars some so he came to take a look at it. He had thought previously that it was the fuel pump, which is about $200 plus it takes time and effort to switch out. When he checked the car out, he said he thought it might just be the plugs or whatever....he said if it was, it would only be a couple bucks to fix. I didn't really feel a particular lot about it, but didn't think much about it. Even when I don't feel something, I'd always put on a smile and speak in a happy voice. I told him that I was glad, etc, but he looked at me strange and eventually said "Aren't you glad that's all that might be wrong? Isn't it a good thing?". It was then that I realized I'd been speaking in monotone, not smiling, not anything.

    Another time, I was getting highlights at a salon. My roommate was there with me. The stylist kept asking me if I liked the highlights, if they were okay. I kept saying yes, that I liked them. I couldn't figure out why she kept asking. Then my roommate told me later that I looked blank faced and unhappy about something when talking to the stylist. He said one of the other employees there said to him about me "She looks not very pleased". I had zero idea that I looked that way.
    It's happened a couple other times too. Prior to maybe 6 months ago, I had never had this happen in my entire life. It is very strange. Anyone had issues with this?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i have flat emotions to hun when i zone out so to speak also if i am very low with depression i just don't have energy to show any emotion Medication that is prescribed to high can cause emotions to be flat as well hun
  3. catecholamine

    catecholamine Well-Known Member

    I'm not taking any medication, so it isn't that. For me, it had nothing to do with lack of energy. I had no idea I was doing it at the time. I never had to make a conscious effort before to show emotions.
  4. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Was your mind on several other things all at one time? That can make us respond "flatly" or in an unexpected way. Being super busy and being really down or upset about something often make me come across a little flat.
  5. catecholamine

    catecholamine Well-Known Member

    Nope, not really. And if it was that, I assume it would have presented itself before recently. It's textbook blunted affect that can come from mental illness. I remember learning about it in classes, never thought I'd have issues with it.
  6. Heretekdan

    Heretekdan Member

    Sometimes I feel blunted and sometimes it's completely sharp, it really depends on how I'm doing at the time. Sometimes I'll feel down due to whatever reason(perhaps exacerbated by me not taking my medications or me needing new meds, or whatever.) and I'll be flat, extremely flat.

    And then there's that one small thing that suddenly just makes me either really angry or happy, classic Bipolar, I suppose. But I think there might be some sort of blunted affect in there somewhere.
  7. luYhAgnuJ

    luYhAgnuJ Member

    if something happens infrequently, it may not be an indication of something more serious. sometimes brains just misfire.

    I'm confused though, you said "It's textbook blunted affect that can come from mental illness."

    Are you saying that because you experience blunted affect, it may be an indication of something more serious like a mental illness?
  8. catecholamine

    catecholamine Well-Known Member

    I am mentally ill, lol. I have Bipolar Disorder (type 1). I was officially diagnosed with it like, I dunno, 3 1/2 years ago.
    It's just a new symptom. I've always been great at faking emotions even if I felt nothing, never even had to think about it. This time, even if I felt something, nothing showed. No smiles, no inflection on my voice, ect...and I didn't even notice I was doing it.
  9. luYhAgnuJ

    luYhAgnuJ Member

    oh! didn't know, sorry 'bout that.
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