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BPD or not

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by dlj1972, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. dlj1972

    dlj1972 New Member

    I was diagnosed BPD in 2010 and spent 3 months in a private mental health facility receiving treatment for it. I've always questioned whether or not I am BPD because I don't seem to fit the criteria of it except for the self harm (which I don't do anymore) and suicidal tendencies. I questioned my psychiatrist recently about this and he said that I wasn't BPD but I had traits of BPD. This shocked me because if that's the case, I spent 3 months in a facility that wasn't necessary. I'm waiting for an appointment to see a new psychiatrist but I'm now confused as to what is going on with me. It makes me feel as if what I am feeling is not real and that I should be able to function as a "normal" person.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I think as important as the diagnosis is, is also the treatment...if a change in diagnosis will change the treatment, then it is worth the investigation...maybe this new pdoc can determine what is actually going on and find the appropriate care
  3. lilodian4ever

    lilodian4ever Account Closed

    Hi dlj,

    I have the exact opposite problem. I am convinced that I have BPD (I fit all 9 DSM criteria), but my doctors refuse to diagnose me with it. I also know that I have Anxiety disorder, and possibly other PDs.

    Anyway, moving on to your case, I honestly would not put too much emphasis on diagnosis. I have read a LOT about BPD, and know that it is VERY HARD to diagnose, because it is a very complex disorder, easily masked by other illnesses or even mimicked by other illnesses. Also, if you really think about it, all of us who have a diagnosis A will certainly show symptoms from other diagnoses B, C, D, etc. Nobody in this world is going to have exactly one diagnosis.

    In other words, what I'm trying to tell you is that I would focus more on the symptoms than the overall diagnosis, if I were you. In my case, for example, I tell my doctor about my anxiety symptoms (chest palpitations), and he prescribes medication for those symptoms.

    I'm sorry if what I said made no sense to you, but I really strongly feel that diagnoses are very rarely accurate when it comes to complex disorders like BPD, so please focus on having your symptoms treated.

    Good luck and best wishes !
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