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    So, I think I've found out who I really am, or what makes me be whatever I am, think I am, feel I am... And makes me doubt all those things at the same time, 10 times a day. Why I feel complete chaos and disorder in my life, because my brain is just giving up from all the things that have tormented me. Imagine a planet with the worse climatic changes trough a day... Vulcanic eruptions.. Earthquakes.. It would be an inhospitable world.. and that I live here, means I am some twisted and nasty creature, who had to adapt... But this is just an obscene form o life...

    I am not sure about it. I think I need someone to help me figure it out. I was making some tests online, but I can't even know for sure if J faked the answers, but this doubt reinforces I might even more suffer from it.

    I need the most direct questions, if possible. Someone here who could discover me like a therapist or something. Of course I will accept people who suffer from it from giving their input. I should give some background about myself, but is just too tiring right now, many things have happened.

    Maybe my "heart is just too dark to care", even if I was sure that was what I felt before.. I need help with this. This is just.. just.. Paralising, even for seeking help right now...

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    Ive been diagnosed with psychosis but its very much pointing toward bipolar. Apparently the diagnosis of schizophrenia was wrong which makes sense. Its best to look it up and then see how you compare.

    It can be hard to get a diagnosis if you don't fit within the box of usual BDP sufferer. Goodluck.