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Bye, hopefully I will be dead by 1am

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I agree with yeh, drop the job...get better, focus on YOU!...You can, I am glad you are still here!!!!!!!



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hi Katerinna

i hope you are ok

A few days back, I read the following in the scottish daily express (monday August 21 2006)

On page 23 the qoute reads as this.

"The clinic visited advertises a list of plastic surgery treatments in the English language Bangkok post. Sex-change surgery costs £865, a bargain compared with US specialists who are charging more than £18,600 for similar transgender operations"

30k is a huge amount of money but its not billions.

It might be good to tell your doctor how you are feeling. Maybe then, things might progress as you would expect. If your Dr is a toilet seat, then ask for another one. No one should exterminate themselves for problems that could be deemed as resolvable

trying to help!

wishing you well




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