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    We finally started talking again after a year apart. I still loved you, from the years before that. You seemed diferent though.. You didn't laugh, rarely cried, you seemed so distant.

    I tried my best to win you over.. And you seemed to be letting me back in. Then that 'other' girl came in to use me. I didn't know you left so soon after me & her got together. I felt so guilty when i heard.. I regreted choosing her over you.. I cried for days. But then i stopped.

    I swore that day, I would not drop my guard again. I'd not care for another person. I'd seal all my pain away, and hide it. Then i would go out to help people on your behalf.

    I'm an entirely new person after you left. I don't really beleive we'll ever meet again.. But you were there right when I needed you, everytime. So I'll continue your path. But i'll live in my new, cold, alone reality too.

    I'm really better off like this, so thank you for helping one last time. If we ever meet in another life, you should probably stay away. We're both diferent people anyways. I will still love you, until my mind goes silent with yours.

    My last question is simply what happened? I know how they say you left.. But was it really just a random thing? So young.. I can't be the same knowing you're gone.. I can't sleep wondering if it was 'driven'

    ~ Please come visit my dreams again. You can meet my dad, and we can all play with my princess- puppy. Dad.. Don't make it awkward around this one :/ we can discuss 'that' after dinner haha.