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Empathy Only Can anyone be happy with kitty, please? 🥺


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Honestly, I was depressed for 2 years, was focusing so much on being perfect and being better, wants so much better for my health and finding the right passion, so much that I got detached with the world and forgets what I used to enjoy. I mean now, I don’t know but some magical thing happened that changes my attitude. At least its not that worse. I’m happier. And I finally got excited again about something new to watch, to listen, to enjoy. I just feel so great for being excited with the smallest thing rather than being depressed before.

And my real life friends laughed at kitty. 🥺

They said, “dude, welcome back. congratulations. all this things, we’ve been hyped on for years ago.”


I want wind to blow
I'm so glad to hear that you've been able to start finding joy in little things again. I know how hard it can be. It doesn't sound like your friends are being very understanding. And you deserve people who understand how hard you've worked to pull yourself up and start feeling better. I think a lot of us here know that feeling. You're a sweet Kitty and I'm proud of you. Even if you start to fall down, I know you have the strength to get back up.

I'm happy both for and with you :)


•✮• SF's pet kitty, full of kittens & colours •✮•
Therapists: Anything but work please. We just don't want you to be lurching crisis to crisis again and again.


Kitty cannot wait for three things in Aug.

1) colouring class
2) nintendo switch
3) baby kitty

Yayyy! if only everyone here can play with kitty too. 🥺😺

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