Can't cope with the girl I like not liking me back...*trigger warning kinda*

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Kai Nashi, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. Kai Nashi

    Kai Nashi Well-Known Member

    It has been really killing me inside SO FUCKING MUCH! Especially when we talk about it it's like fucking worse because it seems as she don't give a shit. She DOES have a boyfriend but she doesn't even aknowledge it.. I just wan't to get over these strong feelings of her it makes me just wan't to fucking die since pretty much knowing I will never have her and shit, I fuckinghate it I want to be with her so bad it drives me insane I end up self harming myself and everything, but then again who the fuck would want a selfish asshole like me? Last night we were talking and somehow it was brought up how I felt about her and stuff and the talk was good and stuff but today I feel like UTTER SHIT now realizing all thoes fantasys i have and things I said will NEVER come what also fucking sucks about this is pretty much no other girl (or boy) would like me because I am a fucking peice of shit. All of this has just been bothering me so much and stuff and people tell me to get proffesinal help and I am actually trying but these problems I have just odnt seem like they are much of a big deal i want a girl and im sad over it so what it does really fucking hurt though and I just don't know what to do it bothers me just about EVERY FUCKING DAY...
  2. Viktor

    Viktor Well-Known Member

    I can relate to what you said. I am missing love of girl now extremely. You can read more about it from me here:

    As you are saying, it seems as a small problem for other people (even psychologists perhaps) when i say that i miss love. People are full of the same crap like "love will come when you are not expecting it", etc etc... Well, i am hearing this about 11 years. Now i'm 31 and no love came. I am depressed because of long lasting loneliness in general and now as you, i am also in love with one girl. And as in your case, she has a boyfriend, so i wanted to be at least her friend. We are actually, but many times it looks like she doesn't give a damn, just as in your case.

    You are not selfish, but girls doesn't want depressed man and someone who are trying to get their heart too much. That is selfish! And that is why i'm saying that being depressed because of lack of love is the biggest course you can get. We are sad and depressed, because we miss love so much, but because we are depressed, we have the much less chance to actually be loved by woman. So we are constantly rejected by them and that is logically dragging us even more down, destined to be trapped in this hellish circle forever. And everyone is telling us "you must be happy alone first", which is really stupid bullshit. How can we be happy alone, since the loneliness is the very problem that causing our depression?

    Girls should mind our sadness. If they would see more and gave us chance, they would see that we can be happy. Because when someone would love us, we would get what we are missing. Means for me, it would give me happiness. But girls are selfish. They want to get the happiness from the man first, no matter what. If you show a bit of sedness or that you want them too much, they run away and they don't care how you feel about it. Now that is selfishness.
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