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Cant get over losing you.....

I recently lost my autie in October and I'm really struggling to get through this grief......
I was with her until the very end and although it was inevitable it still cut like a knife when it happened, She was like a mum to me and she was always there for me... In the last week she really suffered she was a fighter though she battled cancer for 10 long years breast, bone, liver and lungs, I feel totally lost without her in my life and I feel so angry that she had to go through all the suffering because there is still no cure for this dispeciable disease.


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i'm sorry for your loss. you'll always have a place here to share your feelings. we're here for you.


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So sorry for your loss. Do you think therapy could help you as you're obviously still grieving, you don't have to suffer in silence on here or in real life.

Also, welcome to the forum. *hug
I'm sorry that you lost her, and that she struggled so much, but I'm also glad that you had someone like that in your life, and that she had you in hers.

I hope you'll say more if you feel like it.

Do you have any other people in your life that knew her that you can grieve with, or people who can give support?

Sending hugs

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