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Chloe's Final Adventure


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I always loved going out on excursions with Dave. This day wasn't different to any other, either. I couldn't understand grandma's complaint about the heat, but Dave always seems to pay attention to her. He always seems to know what's best for me. We went for a long drive to the city and then stopped at the park where we ate hotdogs, and even a little bit of chocolate for dessert. We were heading out of town when Dave pulled over on the side of the road. His driving was a little erratic but we pulled up. He pulled out a metal contraption and after putting some smelly stuff into it, he lit it up and blew out some pungent smelly smoke. I really don't like the smell. He got out of the car and opened the door for me - always the gentleman! He told me were going to walk up to a center which he used to go to while he was living in the area. "There's plenty to drink, and I need to stop driving for a while, girl", he told me. We walked a long way!

"Oh Shit!", he said, "they're closed! I forgot it was Saturday!!" He was so upset. He offered me a drink and then told me we should hang out in the yard attached to the building there, at least for a while, since he needed to 'do this', and then he smoked some more of it. We left there shortly afterward, but we weren't heading back the same way we had come. It was a hot day but he didn't seem to notice it, even with his jacket on. We must have walked for over twenty minutes before he offered me another drink. I was very hot and had been wheezing somewhat but I didn't really want a drink at the time. I suppose I was just too exhausted to.

We walked found ourselves at a dead end street and Dave was very angry. He started walking back the way we'd come. I heaved out a large sigh. I really didn't want to go all the way back. He always took me much further than I wanted to go. I refused to drink anything on our way back down the long street. We turned the corner at the bottom of the street and I saw a shady spot under a tree. I decided to lay down in that very spot. Dave wanted to continue before I'd rested enough. I tried walking to the nearby tap which was running. I wobbled and feel in a heap on the ground. I tried to get back up but I couldn't.

Dave was on his phone making a number of phone calls. He was talking about me. He seemed really upset. He swore about grandma's phone being switched off as usual. Dave started spraying water all over me. It was a bit of a relief. The he got a call. It was grandma. He told me that he had to leave me there for a little while so he could tell grandma where we were. He gone a long time, and I was so uncomfotable. He came back and sprayed me with the hose again. It was a shock to feel the cold water on my body. Dave's mum must have been nearby because she was there very soon after Dave returned to me.

Grandma screamed and shouted. It was horrible. Dave tried to calm her down, and kept telling me that I would be alright, to hang in there. We got to the vets, and Dave ran inside, leaving me in the car. Grandma left to go inside as well. I never saw them again. When I returned to find Chloe was gone I didn't know how to feel but as I write this I find myself crying such a pitiful sadness for my loss. It's all my fault, because I couldn't wait until I got home to smoke that chronic I bought in town. I didn't realise it was too hot for my girl. I couldn't find my car because chronic messes up short-term memory worse than weed does. I lost my baby :'(


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I actually read through it twice. Is it a true story? Considering that you use your name.

Through out the entire story I thought the writer was a woman and was telling it from her perspective, especially the comment "always the gentlemen". Another reason why I thought the writer was a woman was because of the name of the story. But there were parts that made Dave seem like he wasn't very concerned about her welfare, that he wasn't a very nice person. He just to seemed to think about himself and what he wanted and not about her,

It wasn't until the part about getting to the vets that I figured out that the writer was a dog.

As BB said it is a nice story and beautifully written but at the same time sad.

I think that you should write more about her life. How about The Adventures of Chloe? I think that the last sentence is the most powerful of the entire story. It really expresses how Dave feels about what happened.

Great story. Keep writing. I'm looking forward to your next story.


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Thanks, guys. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my story. In answer to your questions, katt (I know I clarified in chat, for new-comers to the story): Yes, the story is real. I'm Dave, and Chloe was my 12 y/o (approx) labrador. This was out last day together. I think I include the referrence of being such a gentleman for two reasons, the first was to maintain the illusion of the "writer" being a human lady (she was a lady to me), and secondly, because she seemed to appreciate nice gesures. I swear she seemed astonished on one trip to an extinct volcano which we travelled to specifically for her benefit. I think she never felt so loved in her life, and for a change was less clingy on the ride home. She just enjoyed the drive and looked out at the countryside that day.


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