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  1. The Depressed Puppy

    The Depressed Puppy Well-Known Member

    So one of my friends is acting, like this... but I don't what it could be.Shs will make you really happy support you,bring you places,get you presents & get you to really close/good friends.She would get you really close to her.She would then make would make you depressed,tell your secerts,make fun of you,& just be completely rude.She is also very manipulative, threatening to harm herself, or hurt people emotionally(IE:bullying them). Thought the whole relationship, she would just be very controlling. Never wanting me to be with anyone beside here.

    What could this be? Does she have a disorder?
  2. the black raven

    the black raven Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I think something is wrong to your friend. Maybe she feels insecure, and anxious, but that maybe because she has a mood swing between. I'm not a professional so I can't really diagnose what's wrong with her. It is possible to get her diagnosed?

    If she change from a really kind, caring good girl to a manipulative, controlling girl, it is kind of obvious something is wrong.
    If possible get her checked :)
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