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Cymbalta and Urine Odor


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Well it’s one of the side effects. And I was searching how to deal with it. Just drinking more water... well, gives you more volume of bad smelling urine. *dunno
Found article that Chlorophyll works as an internal deodorizer. Not just for urine but BM and sweat, etc. There‘s some indication that Vitamin C works. So I went on a trek today. 5 stores! Not sure about your area but vitamins are a hot ticket in the DC AREA.
Finally at Wegmans, I was able to get Chlorophyll for $12.99. It says to take 2 pills once or twice daily. I’m doing one pill a day for now, plus one vitamin C.
Vitamin C is less than $5! I’m not made of money. Have to spread those Chlorophyll pills out.

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