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    The person that I am writing about is not a family member, but was my daughter's best friend. She wanted me to tell his story. He had recently moved and transferred schools and one of his so called friends decided to tell others that he was gay. He went through a lot of bullying because of this, but mostly just laughed about it in his e-mails to my daughter. He would just try to turn the jokes around to the other people bothering him. He lived with his mother and visited his father often. The week before Easter he talked to my daughter about telling his father that he was gay. At first, he said he may just leave a note before he left the visit, so that he would not have to face his father. I wish he had. He decided to tell him directly and his father got angry and punched him in the face. He told him that he liked his other son better and hated him. That night he decided to <kill> himself. He was only 14 years old. I wish something could have been done to help him. I just wish he knew how much everyone misses him.
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    :hug: I'm sorry for your and your daughter's loss. Thank you for sharing this young man's story.

    Your daughter was a wonderful and trusted friend to this young man. How blessed he was to know her and be accepted for himself!