Dear Grandma

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    I remember you putting your arms around me.
    I remember you kissing my hand.
    I remember you asking the questions and trying to understand.

    I remember your quality.
    I remember your pride.
    I remember you always being someone I'd want on my side.

    I remember your giggle.
    I remember your smile.
    I remember your grace, your dignity, and your style.

    I remember you singing.
    I remember your fear.
    I remember the love I felt when I helped you just by being near.

    I remember my shame.
    I remember my heartache.
    I remember you watching me crumble and break.

    I remember your wit.
    I remember your strength.
    I'll remember you always, and I'll always repent.

    I'll remember the difficult.
    I'll remember the pain.
    I'll remember it all, then I'll go back to love again.
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    Your poem abt your grandmother is so loving