Death of my toddler cousin (warning)

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    1 month ago my 1 yr old cousin was killed by his "father" in a jelous rage.
    we held the funeral last week as the police had to keep his body in for evidence :sad: he looked horrible (sorry to say) as being a small child his bones hadn't fully formed so he had no nose, his skin was purple, black, yellow and had sunk into the skin and parts of his flesh had started to come off.
    our family is still in shock and sadness but we are slowly accepting it (if thats possible) yet i shall never forgive that man who killed my little cousin leon because my aunt loved leon more than "that man" and we shall never forget the cheeky smile and the bright big blue eyes that belonged to the angel tore away too early
    i wish that man would slowly and painfully rot in prison as no toddler deserves to die, accident or no accident.

    R.I.P. little leon
    The blue eyed boy of Leicester
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    I am so sorry to read this, truely awful. Makes me so angry to hear of these stories and I am not surprised you can't forgive this man. I don't know what to say but I just wanted to reply to send you some hugs, I hope you and your family get get through this awful time and the "father" gets the punishment he deserves. I take it he has been arrested for this and is facing sentencing/trial? Here if you want to talk. :hug: