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Empathy Only Death wish

So so tired

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Hi everyone

I crave death
This life is not for me
I really tried without a doubt but the inner demons won out.
The sadness I feel cannot heal and life will never feel real.
I just want to be happy, that's all I ask but this seems impossible to grasp.

Grief and loss spin their Web of despair. Everything I love became everything I lost.
Amongst this is my self identity and so my life has become like a walk in the dark or dragging my tired and weary body through a storm.

I don't feel I can recover and this is sad. Professionals try to help but lack the true insights to how their patients feel.
My Dr said that I could ring a helpline as they gave me a gentle tap on the shoulder advising I take care!
Caring but perhaps not helpful.
Having gone through a multitude of medications in the past, I still remain in this dark hole of water with only my head exposed.
They say depression comes in waves but I just seem to be in rough water 100% of the time and tredding water to stay afloat.
It is good to have a platform such as sf and I thank staff for their hard work, dedication and time that allows us to talk with others that do understand.
I have made some nice contacts recently to whom I feel a connection but my worry as with anyone on here (given the nature of the site) that people may take their own life including myself.
I just wanted to vent. Thank you for reading
So so tired *hug*hug


untwisting the pretzel
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Professionals try to help but lack the true insights to how their patients feel.
hi @So so tired , i often feel very much the same. your feelings are shared. i have not taken lots of meds though. i just wrote to my therapist this morning explaining how doctors and therapists don’t really try to understand what goes on in a particular person’s mind (my mind) and how they feel. i think they rely on what they’ve learned in text books but for one reason or another do not do what is necessary to have a better understanding of what is going on in the patient’s real time life. there are differences.

for myself, i’ve become kind of resigned. i won’t take my own life - certainly not by suicide. but i do have that feeling of lets get this thing finished already! still for myself i do see a real me who might become actualized. wondering if that may be in you too. there are many steps and many obstacles though. so i wonder if anything is achievable. could there be someone in you who needs some kind of facilitation and if so could lead to making positive changes in your life?


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I know your pain, I have gone through that. I wish I could find a psychiatrist or therapist who really cares about me but I don't believe that happens. They have to distance themselves from my problems so they can sleep at night; this calls for a distance between themselves and the patients. The patient is treated as an object, a curiosity. I wish I could be there to comfort you; I would make you a cup of tea, wrap you in a warm blanket, and we would talk about your problems.

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