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    Matters of the heart

    Why would you cry,
    if you are going to die.

    Why would you shed any tears,
    if you will get rid of all your pains and fears.

    <edit mod total eclipse not appropriate encouraging suicide>

    All because your last and utmost wish is all that matters,
    even if the consequence is that the foundation of my world shatters.

    I wish I had been spared,
    from all the moments we shared.

    Yet the only thing I truly regret,
    is for us to have met.

    You will give up your life's desires,
    for just a moment of whispering fires.

    Your existence will be over for the rest of time,
    just as I hope that this will be the last instance I will ever rhyme.

    For as my memories of you will forever remain inside my heart,
    it will be nothing short of one step closer to breaking apart.

    Dedicated to the simply beautiful
    :cheer2: sd.mar (aka Kali) :cheer2:

    Regarding artistic freedom of questionable lines... =-> (infract me if you must/ban me if you will/it doesn't matter anymore)
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    Re: Dedicated to the simply beautiful... sd.mar




    i am deeply touched
    and momentarily disarmed a loss for words

    someone actually cares?
    you cared enough to write this for me?