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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by jamram1192, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. jamram1192

    jamram1192 New Member

    I have always been pushed in my life to do well at school by my parents, but throughout school and college i haven't ever been able to get focused and do well, i started uni 2 years ago and failed my first year but lied to my parents telling them a passed, i started re-sitting first year and that's when depression kicked in, i felt so down and would not ever go to uni, the thought of telling my parents that i have let them and the whole family down kills me, I can not see a future in my life, I look around me and all my friends are doing well, i just can not see my life going anywhere and i don't feel there is a place for me in this world, I'm not sure what too do, I am helpless, I have thought many times that i should take my life and this will all be over
  2. emily83

    emily83 Well-Known Member

    (((((hugs)))). thanks for opening up and discussing what's bothering you- that's what we are here for... to listen to you

    i am sorry you are feeling like you are.. are you currently seeing professional?. does anyone know- and is trying to help?
    keep talking to us

  3. jamram1192

    jamram1192 New Member

    I have been to the doctors recently and they basically told me to see how i feel in 2 weeks time, they are going to refer me too therapy, I had left seeing a doctor for too long as i just did not want too see anyone, i've also spoke to my girlfriend (who is now my ex) about it and she had been very supportive but she said she couldn't handle me no more and the way i am, i do not blame her as i have put her under a lot of pressure, I am now trying too get all the help i can,
  4. mbczion

    mbczion Well-Known Member

    There are people who never went to university who are CEO's of companies and people who have their PHD and are sitting home not able to find work. It all balances out in the end. I know people who couldn't hack university at age 18 or 19, needed to "find themselves" a bit and then in their late 20s or early 30s went back, were more focused, did very well and have amazing careers.

    Life is a marathon, not a sprint. And what is important is your personal best, not how you compare to other runners.

    Having a rough time at university the first go does not mean you have no future. Hang in there and do what you got to do for yourself, not your family/friends.
  5. jamram1192

    jamram1192 New Member

    I have been thinking off just giving university up for now, and start an apprenticeship in accountancy, its a different career path and i don't know if it will make me happier, but i will be at home and it is a change, do you think this is a good choice? I guess what other people think including my parents have too be second choice now, tbh i'm still not sure if university is the only reason why i am feeling like i am, i just don't know anymore
  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    At the end of the day jamram, YOU are the most important person and you have to do what is going to make YOU happy. If that means dropping out of university and doing an apprenticeship in accountancy then go for it! Keep reaching out for help, and I hope the therapy helps some :)
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