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    Does anybody else go on google constantly while feeling like shit, to look for the answers you can't answer yourself? I do... I'm constantly struggling internally and mentally which i believe leaves me struggling physically as well.. I seem so well put together if you were to meet me in person, you'd be like wow she's a bright girl.... i get compliments all the time on my appearance, motivation and everything, i get stared at constantly from everyone because im "beautiful" but i feel bad because i honestly don't feel it, i don't like that attention, i hate being looked at, never-mind even going out into public it annoys me.... i feel terrible that i may look so well put together on the outside but i honestly feel like a piece of shit on the inside, i try so hard to be genuinely happy and it's impossible, i know im not like hideous i am like beautiful but i don't think that i can obviously see the difference but like it doesn't matter to me im trying so hard to work on the inside the outside doesn't even matter... im honestly in despair............... fml
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    I think lots of people look in many different places, including Googling things, looking for answers to big questions, ways to understand ourselves.

    Philosophy sites can be interesting, so can sites that deal with global and human issues. Things to think about that might provide a sense of why we're least those are things I do. I am also an avid reader, fiction and nonfiction. A different perspective on things, new information, other people who have done really interesting things, important issues in the world, how things work. Then I try to figure out where I might fit into things or what other things I could do with my life/time.

    I don't think you're alone in looking for answers.

    I also think many people keep it together on the outside while they still have lots of question or even some doubts/fears on the inside. However, just from your question, the way you write, and the fact that you are introspective, I wonder if you are being too hard on yourself. You come across as very bright, caring and thoughtful.

    What things do you look up on Google? What questions are you trying to answer? What are your specific interests or concerns? The membership here is really diverse and you might find some interesting people to talk to about things.

    Stay well. :hug:
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