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Dissociation at the psychologist


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This is just something I was thinking about and wondering if anyone has ever had to deal with something like this.

From time to time I deal with dissociation. At those times I don't feel anything, everything I do is automatic. I don't even feel like I'm really there anymore. Even my body doesn't feel like my body and the outside world doesn't seem real.
Some time ago I was at my universities psychologist and I don't even know anymore what we were talking about, but apparently it triggered me and from one moment to the next I was gone. Normally I can sort of feel it coming, but it had never been as bad as that. I felt paralized. I almost couldn't move or talk. Everything my psychologist said had to travel through what seemed like a very thick liquid to get to me. I was completely out of it. What my psychologist did was actually canceling the next appointments because he couldn't let me go home in that state, but he did it in front of me and I think that only made things worse. Then he tried to talk to me, and I can remember him saying that he felt powerless. After a while he asked if he could go and talk to another psychologist because I wasn't getting out of it. So she came and tried to talk to me. But nothing helped. It was getting later though and they started talking about an emergency admission in I think either a hospital or a psychological institute. Luckily not long after I was able to come back and go home.
I was just wondering if anyone has ever been in this situation and how it was dealt with. Is it normal to have an emergency admission when you're in a dissociation? Are there other ways to deal with someone in that situation?
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I haven't dealt with this. My curiosity is if they felt you were a danger to yourself. Or to drive home?


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Thanks for the reply!
Perhaps they did think that, because I already had talked about selfharm and had vaguely expressed that I didn't think that life was worth living, but not at that time.
Perhaps they thought that I would be unable to take care of myself because I wasn't responding to anything. It's just that when I look back at it now it all feels so weird and I'm scared that it will happen again and that this time I will have to be taken into a hospital or psychiatric ward or something... So that was why I was wondering what happened to other persons that went through this and if it happens a lot that you need to be taken in when you're dissociating...

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