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Does over a year of on and off severe pain count?


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Around the middle of last year my side started hurting. I have had kidney stones before so figured it was just that again (it was about the same level of pain and in the same area) and since they did fuck all last time I figured it was bets to just tough it out. After several months the pain beat me in the middle of the work day, the combination of fatigue and the pain itself, i had to stop and the defeat coupled with the pain made me cry a little bit. My boss insisted I go to the hospital.

Since then I have been ignored or neglected by the hospital, through endless phone calls I did manage to get 2 tests done, then I roped in my GP and they did more tests in 1 day than the hospital did in a year, anyway, I have been over this several times and I dont want to be the guy who just keep complaining, so long story short:

I still dont know why my side hurts, or how to stop it, the pain prescription I got (after a year of nagging) is all but worthless, barely stronger than over the counter headache tablets, and I honestly dont know if this is something trivial they just havent figured out yet, or it is chronic, or it is terminal, I mean it took them a like 14 months to bother to test for a kidney infection, by which time it would have killed the kidney if it had been that.

All I know is that at any time without warning or provocation my side could start to hurt and keep growing worse until I am out of action, and it will get better and then worse again, and go on like this for a week or two, then go away again, and if I am too active, it will come back, and if I'm not too active, it will come back anyway, but not as quickly.

Even as I type this, my side is hurting, its about a 4 or 5 right now, but it was pushing me a little on thursday and friday.

I just wish the doctors would FOR FUCKING ONCE earn their pay and fix something. I CAN remember the last time I gained any worth from anyone in the medical profession, it was over 11 years ago, since then I have had kidney stones twice, accidentally stabbed myself in the hand, had diarrhoea for 6 months, damn-near crippled myself with a fall down the stairs (my left hip is still not great), and the only word that comes to mind when trying to describe the medical profession in those times is IMPOTENT! Any issue I have had either resolved itself, became chronic or I had to diagnose and self-treat, but I NEED help with my side, and they are as useless as ever.


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Did you get checked for intestinal polyps. Just a thought. Sometimes intestines can crimp a little that causes pain. Check the appendix? Love.


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sheesh. I know we pay a lot for health care here (in the US) but at least we *get treatment*.

This is the one thing I'm looking forward to least about living there.


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Did you get checked for intestinal polyps. Just a thought. Sometimes intestines can crimp a little that causes pain. Check the appendix? Love.
I have not been checked for that. or much else really. Getting them to do ANYTHING is like pulling teeth. I have been waiting 6 months for the RESULTS of one test, if I COULD sort this myself I would, but unfortunately, I need them this time, which means Im going to be stuck with this the rest of my life.


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Just saw your thread, and will offer my thoughts if you are interested. Physical therapist by trade and when I hear patients tell me their history, I scratch my head and wonder where it came from. I am not offering a diagnosis, but am curious. Twice you said your "side" is where the pain is and I am curious if it is the left or right side, as you also said your left hip was injured in a fall. I don't offer diagnoses, just info that may help you get to the bottom of this pain issue.

I can also share with you a website where you can download two books for free that are a great source of reference. Emphasis on diagrams that are helpful, not reading.


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Lekatt is right. Because I had severe pain and it turned out to be intestinal polyps. So now I get colonoscopy exam every 5 years. At each of my colonoscopies, at least one or two polyps are found. So if you are at least 50 years old, then colonoscopy is a necessity to be done on a regular basis.


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i had a bad kidney stone years back, they said it was the size of a silver dollar. it used to come and go like you described. it was so bad one night that my skin turned a grayish color and i was soaked all over due to profuse sweating. on the ambulance ride over it shifted with all the bumps and i felt ok when i got to the hospital. well they removed it a couple of months later the hard way. no matter what it is it's your doctors duty to find it and send you to whatever specialists that could diagnose it.

i'm sorry that you are in so much pain. it's not fair and it's not neccessary. if your doctor won't help you find one that will. i hope you can find a way to remove or lessen your pain...mike...*console*sadhug*shake

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