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does your family understand?


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni

I have had some interesting conflabs with my family over the years about my mental health and My family just dont understand no matter how hard I explain it to them,

My mum, she is a Dr of mental health and to be honest she dont get me, she just shouts at me and dictates my life to me (i am 41) and still treated like I am 10!

My dad, he has no concept of it so he wont understand and has openly admitted to me he has no understanding and wont talk to me about it!! (invalidated)

My sister she is cool as a cucumber and just sits and listens to me with no judgement!

what does your family do to help you? do they understand you and support you?

sent with love!

Pebble mouse

Interesting thread. My family is a mixed bag, same as yours @Jayjay289. My dad is very caring, but we never talk about MH issues at all (except when I have been hospitalised). My sister and brother are both great! I can talk to them about anything, no judgements. I am very lucky to have them, overall!


Only me πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
I find that my parents, particularly my mum, have very little understanding. It seems to me that people of that generation cannot deal with such issues.
I fave some younger siblings, and although they don't suffer like me, the do appear to have some sort of understanding .

So I guess it has much to do with ones own experiences and education as their ability to deal with these type of issues.
But the lack of understanding makes conversations difficult, to such a point when they are just avoided

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