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don't know where to go or what to do for mental health help

i feel like i need to be around people physically primarily from now on, i'm not sure what to do.... i have many problems being around people that can't be defined or explained quickly, in short i feel like i need social rehabilitation therapy in a focused environment but i'm not sure where that would be, i would like to talk to someone about where that might be or advice on if this is what i need or not


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i'm not sure where you should go for help being here and interacting with people is a good start. and if you want to talk feel free to use my inbox. try for now going into our chat section, it's not irl but it's something.

my best advice is google what you think may help you. you may find some online help for your issues. and i think the best thing to do is explain in detail to your doctor your issues so he can refer you to the right therapist. i hope things work out for you...mike...*hug*shake


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Hi Snap,

Im unsure if a social rehabilitation group exists or is a thing. I'm not a professional however if it doesnt exist it sounds like an in person support group for whatever troubles you (social anxiety, etc) would benefit you. These groups are more or less controlled and make it easier to socialize by focusing on a common issue. They generally give each person a chance to speak if you so choose and have ice breaking activities. Covid may make it difficult to access one now however.

I'm in agreeance with mike that it would be best to ask your doctor or therapist for advice about social rehabilitation.

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