Economics's are roguht eh?

Right now my family is below the poverty line and being broke just keeps dragging on year after year. I am getting really frustrated with not being able to afford a vacation or afford things I was once able too. I am constantly jealous of all the other things that other millennial's typically get to do. It's also frustrating to be on the internet or read the news and see other people whining about "Not having impact" when I just want to pay my bills. I am really feeling like I fell threw a crack I can never get out of.

My mother has medical complications because of a Concussion and needs me to support her. It really worries me when fear mongers say there will be financial collapse because of the government debt. My family is still waiting on assistance which is know to be typically delayed constantly. Any talk of social assistance cut backs or mass loss in jobs make the current frustrating issue of finance's even worse.

On the Bright Side at least my financial burdens have promos of being lifted by disability assistance, even thought they keep pushing back the date of when the doctor is supposed to look it over. I heard vague talk of people waiting over a year for the their assistance to come in, how the hell do you survive that?

I am happy there is a place where I can talk about this and I really hope there is other people who will relate.

What are we going to do? If we force the government to help us with money then it hurts the economy, if we hurt the economy then there is less money. The System is complex, unbalanced, and there is not enough brain power in the world to look over it all. I really putting hope on brain chips that will make us all better so we don't have to deal with these issues, ever.
Welcome to the community @Andrew Robinson , it is a pretty great place to be able to speak our minds. You're tight, it is a complicated system which unfortunately means there is no simple fix. I've not really looked into it in detail, but for the things I've heard the Nordic counties seem to be giving it a pretty good crack. They have systems in place were a CEO can only earn X amount more than the lowest wage earner in the company, and a basic minimum wage for all people regardless of if you have a job or not.

No system is perfect, and unfortunately there is always a small percentage of people who will try and screw everyone else over, be it the CEO who tries to outsource low paid roles so they can get more, of someone who doesn't even try to get a job as they're getting the minimum wage for nothing, but if people could stop focusing on those outliers and just work on making it better across the board, we'd have a much better place to live in.

How we do that, hopefully that's what your brain chips will sort out for us ;)

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