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Finally managed to pull my current cross stitch project last night and get it set up in my stand. Did quite a bit of sewing last night in front of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and it felt so good to lose myself like that. It's not exactly the best coping tool as you can only do it at home really, it's not something you can do at work (and due to terrorism you make people nervous if you pull out very sharp scissors in a public place) but I'd consider it a nice little bit of private therapy to do at the end of a hectic day. It's a way to let your mind rest but you are still productive. It's a way to be quite and still but make something lovely at the same time. Currently I'm working on a Japanese Garden. It's much more challenging than I thought it'd be, and because I've moved 500 miles across the country I have had to take a few weeks off here and there but all in all I'd say it was a really nice way to relax and forget I'm depressed. It might not stop me having episodes or days where all I want to do is kill myself but it does mean I get to go to bed having spent an hour with my brain almost totally turned off. Sometimes it's nice to have the telly on but I could more than happily spend hours in complete silence, with nothing but the sound of the thread running through my aida fabric. If you ever feel like you can't do anything right, even when your handwriting gets you down, it can be such a peaceful thing to just follow a simple chart and create something beautiful with little effort. You can get pre made kits, which all my projects have been. The fabric, the thread, the needle and charts all come with the kit. I've attached a photo, this is a cross stitch I did just after Christmas this year. If anyone sews or wants to start sewing and you fancy a chat about it then comment or hit me up if you want. I'd love to get the oldest form of embroidery classed as a mental health aid. I'm sure the NHS are going to start recommending it soon. If you want to try something new to help wind down before bed, that will quite your mind and maybe even help stop those nasty thoughts that swirl about and keep you up all night, I'd really recommend cross stitching.


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I love this. I used to do the same. I like the robin in your avatar, too. You have inspired me to have another go - thank you! You're right, this would be a very good thing for the NHS to recommend, as it really does take you out of yourself and is so therapeutic. I used to stitch beach scenes onto pillow cases, as well. I also love building up layers using gel pens for postcards etc. Anything creative/art work, is excellent therapy!

Thanks again for sharing, and I'd love to see more of your work, once completed.


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I love cross stitch! I'm working on a wolf at the moment :) It is very therapeutic! It's really calming and awesome to see the picture slowly building up. They take me a very long time to complete but it's very rewarding when I finally finish one.

Your Christmas one is gorgeous <3
So awesome guys, share some photos if you like, get those creative juices flowing. It's so good to share this craft, and if ever you feel useless or just generally rubbish at everything it can be a great boost to show off a piece of craft/art and get some good comments for them. Thanks for the lovely comments on my avatar/attachment pic, such a great feeling to make something that pleases the eye and that people can enjoy looking at. I was so proud of them both but the puppy and kitten is definitely my favorite right now, it came out so great. Charlie springs I'd love to post some more pics of my finished pieces, will defiantly do that. I'd love to see some pieces of your own if you do get back into it. I think it'd be great to see what you find to turn your hand too next, maybe some of your beach scenes or pen art as well. Innocent Forever, I'd love to think I've inspired someone to pick up the old needle and thread, it's honestly such a fun thing to relax into and it really chills you out, and you feel so good about yourself when you pick up your fabric one day and see the thing your creating come to life, and threading that first stitch, starting a new journey, it's almost euphoric. AsphyxiateOnWords, you say used to, what made you stop?
Charliex8 thank you very much. I'd love to do a wolf, I've seen so many kits I'd like to try.
Anothwr great feature you can find in the embroidery world is kits that you buy and send a photo off in. You buy a kit that has an envelope and instructions in, send it off to the manufacturer and they'll turn any photo you like into a full colour chart. So even if one was looking at buying a kit to get you started and you don't want to plump for a flower or a cartoon dog (some starter kits can be real simple) you can send your own photo or even draw your own picture to make into a chart!

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