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End of semester musings

Today i finished my last exam, and afterwards i met up with my language exchange partner to say goodbye since im leaving spain next week. We met up with another girl i knew too because that girl knew my langauge exchange partner. i thought i knew that other girl fairly well , but during out meeting she was abit cold towards me. i dont know. maybe i over-assumed our friendship? also, even though i had met up individually with the other girls more than they had met up with each other, they seemed more interestsed in talking to each other instead of with me. i guess im just boring. my langauge exchange partner asked the other girl if she liked spain, but she didnt like me, even though i was studying here too.

i felt left out during the entire meeting, but i just kept telling msyelf it would be over soon and its fine. buut i was no fine. iw as upset. and now that i am home alone and there is time to think i cant help but think about how i was the odd one out today. and i hate it. i hate it i hate it i hate it. i hate acting normal just for hte sake of it. but its required. i tried to chat with my language exchange partner but she kept bringing the conversation back to the other girl with us. she never did that for me. i feel negative and i feel down

i feel a bit surreal that ive finished exams. didnt seem thaht long ago that it was last sunday. and now its wednesday. i hope i passed todays exam. i think it went okay but the lecterer is very strict so im not sure i passed. we'll see

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