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I was diagnosed last year but I'm pretty sure I've had it since I first started my period. It's affected my life so much and every time I think I'm managing it I get knocked back to square one again.
I had surgery a year ago and I've been on continuous birth control since then but I started having problems a few months ago when I started breakthrough bleeding and cramping while taking it. I had to double pills (for over a month) until I could see my ob last week and she told me to stop them completely for this week to see if having a cycle helps... and oh boy, I have been in so much pain the last few days. I'm stuck in bed with a heating pad/ice pack all day and I can't get any sleep at night (not that it's too far off from the usual... but the added pain is pure hell). My hormones are a mess at the moment so my mood/anxiety/etc. have all been pretty rocky too.
I'm planning on seeing a specialist soon but I'm not sure what more they can do to help... It's become such a burden and not something I wanted to deal with on a daily basis but more problems seem to keep showing up as time goes on. It's beginning to affect my mental health as well and I'm having problems with that already, without the addition of my endometriosis
Can anyone relate? How are you handling it if you're in the same boat? I don't have anyone around me who has it so I'm pretty much alone in how to deal with this.


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I am a guy. Can't relate to your pain. I have had (in the past) chronic and severe internal pain, including all kind of anxiety and phobias and low level depression ( becoming severe depression last year after a divorce, I am good now). Anyway I have not suffered like you have, but know what pain and suffering is. I don't have any answers for you, but I wanted you know know someone saw your post, and someone care. I hope you find you answers soon my friend.


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I would suggest a reading on natural cure for endometriosis. I have UF, I opt for natural cure. I have a heavy bleeding now. Notice few months back. It comes and goes. I did a lot of reading on natural cures. Like honey is an anti-inflammatory, black organic molasses helps with anemia. During my heavy cramping, I would drink rose tea. Also, reading and researching ways to naturally cure my aches. Keeps your mind occupied, thus the aches lessened. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


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Sorry I can't relate to this on this exact level but wanted to send some love your way anyhow {{{{hugs}}}} I really hope that you feel better soon and figure out what's going on.
Hi Lemoncake, I have Endometriosis Stage3. Was diagnosed 12/2003.

If you want to we can talk about it. Maybe I can help altough your thread is from July I think?

Best wishes,

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