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    Throughout my life I have always had ways I would temporarily escape my depression. Typically it would be videogames. I have also had phases of devoting my time to other things. Lately though it seems I cannot focus on anything else. No matter what I try I just cannot seem to block any form of my depression anymore. It has taken over my everyday life. In the past I could easily just hide it at work or out in public but now it seems I can't.
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    Have you talk to your doc hun abt the new lows you are feeling could be you need some more supports in place therapy meds to help pull you out of the darkness some. Even if it is just for awhile hun it helps ok Glad to see you reaching out here talking to us here can help too you won't feel so alone hugs

    My way to escape the sadness is to just get out and shop be amongst people even though i don't talk to them i just use the stores and the noises to distract my mind
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    It is a shifting target. A videogame works for a while. Until it doesn't. I find that I need to keep shifting activities to keep the demon off balance. Over time you might develop a more sophisticated repertoire of tactics.

    Like what the body does not like. This is a difficult one, but might help. For myself, the depression is the result of obsessive fears and a sense of being overwhelmed. It is always unclear to me if this is a result of my low energy level or my behaviors were the cause. Seeing that I am in a state of very low energy level is essential. It is a hint, a glimpse at what is happening inside.

    Movement is needed. Any vigorous physical activity is really needed here. In moving around you can begin to create energy that is so desperately needed to pull out of the emotional trough.

    Mimic people that are 'happy.' I found people in my social circle that did not suffer from depression. One was a girl that was constantly in motion. Bicycling. Mountain climbing. Running. Swimming. I borrowed her energy to get me going. Ended up marrying her.

    Throwing yourself into your work can help also. The danger is that you might often come out of it in rough shape (very depressed). It really needs the balance of something physical. IMHO. Sorry for the long note. I struggle with this issue very deeply. I see that I do not have the ability to find a single behavior that can fix it forever. As I look back, I simply have 'tactics' that I employ to keep it off balance.

    Take very good care of yourself. There are many like you.

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