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Some of you know I am currently homeless, so needless to say my struggles are especially painful right now. I'm dehydrated, carrying over forty pounds of (just the basic!) belongings everywhere I go, and meeting even just my daily needs takes hours every day. One line to eat, another to shower, another to wash laundry, all things way across town from the other things you need to do. It's beyond horrible.

But I just got word today that I have an intake interview for the only shelter around that actually leads to HOUSING! And it would be affordable, which is why I have no housing now. Every single apartment, studio, hellhole, and roommate situation are nowhere near my doable price range. I'm not even needing much, a door and a bed please! I can't tell you how much I miss having a pillow.

Anyway, things could definitely fall apart at the last second. They ask tons of questions for the intake interview, and I am very reasonably scared I "won't be qualified for our services" one way or another.

But I have more hope than I've had in a while. So wish me luck, I really really hope I can report back to say I GOT IN!


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Awe Candle, I'm so sorry for this situation you're in and wish I could help. I will wish you luck, send positive thoughts and prayers that you get a place. Nobody should be homeless in a North America, I can't imagine what you've been through, you are a strong and courageous lady. Bless you my friend.
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