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Even though we may go through undeniable pressures in life, may we continue to LIVE and be what our purpose commands of us. Let us focus to become better no matter what life throws at us. Following others judgements can only lead us to a path of corruption and confusion. May we listen and evolve our consciousness through the birth pains of ones struggles. Bitterness ruins relationships to divide what God wants to unify. Breathing doesn’t really mean we’re alive. The battle that we fight in this world has already been won. Let not confusion and the hate of others keep you concealed in the darkness to toxicity and negative thinking. Spiritual views supernaturally change the form of our existence to become more than who we really are. Hold on to your sanity when those that oppose you will consistently doubt and pursue you because of their own innermost demons. It’s the battlefield of the mind. Use pain and face it in the midst of adversity. Our being is somewhere else. We’re more than just this body. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE

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