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F this i'm killing myself

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I EVEN GET TREATED LIKE SHIT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to talk to someone and some idiot buts in my conversation F U F THE WORLD ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Were you interrupted by someone in a chat session? I don't currently have the right plug-in for the chat rooms here, but I can talk to you in this forum.

Please reply.
I just feel like nothing good is going to ever happen in my life. I would rather sit in my room then go out there and get constantly bugged, getting rejected by every girl, and failing at everything. Not to mention god made me short and barely decent looking. Most of all everyone is a better choice then me. For example girls they have a choice between a random guy and me 10/10 times they choose random guy. Then when I'm talking and some dude pulls a manuver like that it pisses me off. I don't know if I can take it anymore.
I think I know how you feel. I'm certainly less than I'd like to be, and I haven't been especially successful in life, but here's one thing that seems to help: I try to maintain interests in some things that have nothing to do with anyone else, and which also have nothing to do with "success" (the sorts of things no one ever has a chance to judge me about). For example, I draw (not very well!) and write poetry (even worse!), and I always keep these things to myself. I enjoy them, they make me feel a little better, and it doesn't matter at all what others think, because they never see it anyway. Sometimes, if your public life isn't treating you well, one answer is to try to expand your private, truly private life. Do you have any private hobbies of this sort? Do you like to read, for example? To write? To draw? To play music or listen to music? and so on? I'm actually interested.

I hope this doesn't seem like ridiculous advice!
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