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Failing one of my classees

so im failing one of my classes, i think i might have to repeat the exam in july. originaly had an appt to meet with the lectuerer to go through my failed exam and i asked her also if i can chat to her about my progress etc cos im concerned about passing. she hasnt responded but i think il try to to her office tomorrow for our original appointment and see. maybe i will chicken out. i dont know. i dont want to come back to spain to repeat. i want my summer free i dont want the stress of having to pass again. i didnt even pass the first time round what makes me think i can pass the repeats? anyways. maybe il fail all of my modules. i dont know. i have told this particular lectuerer about my anxiety but she has yet t orespond.it makes me feel guilty when i know i have lots of fun trips planned this month. but i planned them before i knew i failed. i dont know
Is the course required for your degree? What about withdrawing from the course?
the module is required i guess. i asked about dropping the class but my academic co ordinator didnt relaly answer me and just said that if i drop the class i wont have enough 'credits' to progress onto next year. she didnt say if i could drop it or not. but i guess if i neeed enough 'credits' then i cant do anything. just try to pass it i guess
actually in my original email to the lecturer i said that i couldn't do repeats because i had already booked my flight home for ireland and due to some issues at home im not sure i can travel back in july. i think maybe she thought i waas just being lazy and not wanting to go back or something. i dont know. maybe i sounded whiny ha

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