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Why would family that have been indifferent to me for years even be bothered if i was gone?

Im not sure they outright hate me, but they go a couple of years without talking, and its usually initiated by them wanting money.

I have no friends, not even one. My "boyfriend" is a sadist and cant stand me most of the time.

Theres no money to cremate me, so I'm cool if they donate me to the mortuary school or burn me with the trash. Makes no difference.


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Hi Nonamesplease, I'm sorry no one responded to your post sooner. I'm sad that your family hasn't been more supportive and caring to you. It does happen that people become absorbed in their own lives and ignore others, this still doesn't make it any easier for you to accept. I am quite sure that they would be devastated if you were gone. You said your boyfriend is a sadist, does that mean that he's treating you in an abusive way? If so I'd encourage you to get out of the relationship, you can get help from police or local hospitals in what services are available in your area. Please don't allow yourself to be abused by anyone, you're a human being and worthy of love and respect. Please seek some help, your situation can be changed, but you have to make that move, you have to want it to change. Please take care of yourself.


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What are your hobbies? What about joining a hobby club and make friends through that common interest or volunteering
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