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    Hi people,
    I'm not a great writer and my mind's pretty busy so i'm going to write this in a stream of consciousness style I guess.

    I'm 21 now. When I was younger I was a bright kid, i excelled at maths in particular but generally just enjoyed learning. I was also fortunate to be naturally good at pretty much any sport. In particular football and rugby. A career in football was definitely possibly. I was very popular and very happy in general.

    When I was about 14 I started losing interest in everything which I guess is very common. I didn't stop enjoying the company of friends however and was still pretty content with everything. At 16 I started smoking weed and absolutely loved it. Definitely did it too much but whatever. Anyway when i was 17 took some bad ecstasy and it really fucked me up. I've had problems daily with my heart ever since. The doctor's say I have high blood pressure and an ectopic heart beat. I've tried many different meds and nothing has ever helped remotely. I've been unable to do any exercise since this happened and haven't taken any illegal drugs since. I tried weed but my heart would go crazy.

    Sobriety bores me however and so I began to drink regularly. A few months after the bad pills I also met a girl. I fell madly in love and even though she was completely out of my league in every way imaginable, we ended up in a great relationship. I'd lost my health but I had found something really good at the same time and I don't know how I would've coped without her then. We were together for 4 years up until about 2 months ago. No need for loads of details but she was "emotionally unfaithful" in a way that means we can't be friends which is devastating for me. The 3rd party in this situation is a guy who had just happened to move into my best friends house. Somehow my ex and this guy have come out of this really well. I have not heard from any of friends since this happened despite numerous attempts to contact them. I'm aware that my ex and this guy are very often on nights out or at house parties with them all though.

    I also have had bailiffs at my door requesting £600 over an unpaid £20 from 2010, I don't have that money so apparently they'll be breaking into my house sometime and taking goods to that value which is fun. I've played poker since I was 18 and i've had a good deal of success. However I have an awful gambling addiction and have lost/will continue to lose everything I make and I have about £6000 of debt or so cos of this.

    Sorry for the terrible story. The start of it is pretty irrelevant I guess but I often think about of happy and lucky I was back in the day. I'm hoping to meet some cool people to talk life with.

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    I am sorry your situation has gotten to this. I am not familiar enough with UK law to offer any ideas to help with the bailiffs but I have read they will certainly trample your rights if you do not know them very well. Just wanted to say I saw this and hope you are able to find some way to start dealing with the issues to reduce tha additional stress to go along with an issue of a heart condition that i can sympathize with very well.
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    Much appreciated
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