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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Mariealex, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Mariealex

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    My bf of three years has mental Helth problems he kicked me out because I would not use a credit card to buy takeaway ,plenty of food in the house, he's resorted to send me nasty texts excusing me of things I would never do .. It's not what I wanted I thought I was going to be with this man till I died . Now he's kicked me out put me in debt and now were to live staying at my mums but I can't stay for long .. I feel so low life is not worth living I don't have friends i have no one and I'm scared .he's cutting me out of his life so sharp like I never mattered
  2. Petal

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    Hi there, I left my boyfriend almost a year ago, he had severe mental issues, he was controlling, put me in debt too and also put me down all the time. I have no idea why I didn't leave him sooner-I guess I was just afraid of being alone. Trust me, you don't have to put up with that crap from him, I bet if you left him he'd be ringing you soon looking for you to get back with him cos you are helping him financially and probably emotionally. You will meet friends and have a nice normal life without him. Thanks to a very special friend on this website I found the courage to have nothing at all to do with him and I have never been happier!

    I'd suggest getting some counselling hun, is your mum supportive? You do not have to suffer alone in this! No-one does. Reach out and keep reaching out!

    Kind regards, Petal.
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