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Fibromylagia and Bpd


University Student
I am literally struggling to cope with Fibromyalgia, my current issue with my gut/bowels I’m literally on the loo all day and have been for the past week and bpd is getting too much for me now plus problems of life on going issues with uni (uni has just turned me down as I www temporary student) plus February is the anniversary of Becky. Plus the parents want mento me get out the house, make some friends eeek anxiety is too much on that side of things and look for poxy work hoping that will cure the problems. Hell no!!! I’m struggling to flipping cope I didn’t need looking for work on my list eeeek


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Hi, I have fibromyalgia. You can PM me anytime. I know it is very painful. Is there thing you do to control the pain? Take care, Patti

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