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Fighting a Personal battle


Jay Jay from the UK
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I come on here daily,

I make posts daily that will hopefully reach out to others and allow others to find support and inner strength, some people would charge money for this as it could be considered life coaching however I always do this freely every day and ask for nothing in return, I don't even ask for engagement or likes I just hope that it will help at least one person that reads.

however I very rarely talk about me and my battles as it may seem from the outside that i am headstrong and focused on Mental Health but don't for a moment assume that i don't fight daily battles because i do, i face dark days and dark moments I just choose not to discuss my personal issues but please also be kind to me and know that i have to fight my demons too on a daily basis and sometimes the battles are tough and hard and drawn out in my head and body. i suffer with a very complex part of BPD and then throw into that Autisum, Anxiety and depression. i face a lot of challenges each day from 6.45am when my alarm goes off to 10.30pm when I go to bed and close my eyes and prey for a restful nights sleep and hope the following day will be better.

I function each day, i shower every day I manage to put my suit on and leave the house and drive to work, with lots of thoughts swimming around and racing around my head and battle each day., I have many mental scars and battle wounds from each day BUT i put them to one side to help others and give others comfort in their own complex needs,

please just know i fight daily too




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Hey jay, I for one appreciate your daily positive posts on mental health but of course we know you wouldn't have such a deep interest if there was not a personal battle or past battle behind it, of course we will be kind to you just like any other member. I know you may not be the type to reach out but at the same time, don't let yourself suffer in silence. I admire all that you do,

We are here for you just as much as you are here for us. *hug

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