finally found a stereotypical shitty boss

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so as the title says i have a shitty boss and this is me bitching.
ive worked with this company for close to a year now and i could always tell that my boss kinda didn't know what he was doing, but it never really affected me too much that is until i got brought to this new job sight.
so i was one of the first people to get hiered onto this sight and im the only one who hasn't been fired yet, every week there are new people showing up tho work and because my boss sucks at hiring people they never last long, as a result of his shitty management skills i have been forced to stay here 2 and 3 hours over time until my relief shows up, and sure it wouldn't be too bad normally but i work graveyard shifts from 23:00 until 07:00 so thats a wonderful fuck fest. fast forward to this past Wednesday, i was on vacation with my girlfriend (which i had to request a month ahead of time to get and even then he kept forgetting so i almost didnt get it) i get a message from my fuckface boss telling me, not asking but telling me that i am going to work new years eve (which is a day i should have off because i work weekdays and it is a weekend) and me being mentally fucked up i had to stop talking to him because i would have probably gotten myself fired, so here i am on what should be my friday, trying to keep from getting depressed again about missing yet another newyears with my girlfriend because my boss cant do his job


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Yea it sucks major having bad bosses like that. I work holidays missing out on stuff as they cant hire quality staff nowadays so most of the stuff falls back on me to finish up or get it handled. I swear the latest coworker will cause a fire somewhere at work. Lol


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Yep, my boss sucks too. Unless you are one of his favorites. Like the registered sex offender who sits near. Those he likes can pretty much do what they want. Going to HR doesn't help. He and the HR person are lovers. So great working for a small company. :mad:
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