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  1. Sadeyes

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    This is long overdue and mostly my fault because I did not do my due diligence...please accept my apologies...I am truly sorry for her loss, both from SF and how that came to be, and in reality, how she chose to leave...I know many people were clearly fond of her, and that was for good reason, as she did have a very kind heart...I think much of the disharmony came from she being in a lot of pain...this loss has taught me something, to reach out to people more, and to look below the surface in relationships..RIP D
  2. total eclipse

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    Re: Freshell

    RIP i too am sorry her pain took her away hugs
  3. Jackie's Strength

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    Re: Freshell

    Diana, you've definitely been in my thoughts and I missed you here for a long time before I heard the news. I really wish things had gone differently. You were such a charismatic soul. May you Rest in Peace.
  4. bearclaw27

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    Thanks for posting this Jax... I am so distraught that she is gone... she did have incredible charisma, and she showed great compassion to many ppl who were complete strangers... She touched many peoples lives, not just on the internet, but also in real life.... I will forever miss her.....
  5. Petal

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    R.I.P Diana. You will be missed. You were loved and cared for by many. You are at peace now
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  7. bearclaw27

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    and thank you sadeyes for starting this thread... hugzzz
  8. Sadeyes

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    You are very welcome, Blue...and I pray to G-d I do not have to write sincere condolences to her dear friends
  9. DatAlgorithm

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    RIP Ms. Fresh... thank you for everything you've done to try and save me, and I'm sorry I couldn'tve done more to help you. I wish I could've at least said goodbye...
  10. WildCherry

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    RIP Diana.
  11. Cpt-Fantastic

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    Dear Diana,
    I thank your kindness and anyone who has known you cant help but feel it as a great loss that you left us.
    I will miss you and so will alot of people.
    Hopefully you are at peace. RIP Diana
  12. gentlelady

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    A peaceful rest to you Diana.
  13. HarleyTwin

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    It has taken me a little while to get to this; I truly didn't know what to say, regardless of how things happened, I will miss you, Diana. I did care for you very much and I still do think of you fondly...I think perhaps though, you already know that. I hope now, you are at peace, and if you meet any of our mutual homeloves up there, please give them my love. They'll look after you well, I'm sure. I'll miss you terribly.
  14. houseofcards

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    A great woman. Things ended on a bad note between the two of us, but you are very forgiving. I'm happy your friend was able to be there with you in your final days - she has treated you so wonderfully. I will always remember you, and the other handful of people I've had the pleasure of growing close to. RIP Di
  15. Kiba

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    Was looking at your profile yesterday.. Ended up crying.. Things are only starting to sink in I guess.. I still am not sure what exactly to think. It's all too unreal. Many people miss you Dianna.. I hope you are in a better place wherever you are.. RIP
  16. 41021

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    damn Di, just 'effing damn girl :(

    *raises a bowl to you



    damn don't want to hear the parts that flow after that...just 'eff

    WTF bitch, come on...what the fuck with this shit! you were supposed to be alright-ish, not this...certainly not THIS! WTF?
    Why didn't you call him? i do not would have. WTF? *pushes you hard *tears