Functional dyspepsia

I've been having frequent, days-long bouts of nausea so bad that i can barely eat for as long as they last. It's terrible, and the doctors have already ruled out just about every condition of the stomach, everything that could show up in a blood test, and are now preparing to rule out gallstones once the abdominal ultrasound comes back. I've missed so much work because of this mystery condition. Last Wednesday, the new doctor said he thinks it's functional dyspepsia, which is a diagnosis of elimination.

Problem is, that's a chronic condition. I was really hoping for something I could take a round of antibiotics or parasite-killers or whatever it is you take and be done with. This sucks.


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I hope they find the true cause of your condition. you may have to do some trial and error on treatments and meds but hold on. they will be able to help you in time, don't give up. mike
I am so sorry you’ve been struggling with stomach problems. I have lived most of my 53 years with stomach issues, and at times it has become debilitating so I have been unable to work, or at times to leave my house, this has caused me to become isolated, and thus depressed. I had a surgery for endometriosis in 2003, and the surgeon nicked my colon several times with caused peritonitis. After that, I ended up with more stomach problems, and chronic pain. I thought this was ever going to change, but in the past year things have gotten dramatically better. I gave up sugar and most carbs, lost 80lbs, and started to feel better. I was also diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) which can be successfully treat with antibiotics. And I recently go a spinal chord implant that has reduced my pain significantly. I haven’t had surgery or been hospitalized in two years! I guess in this rambling email I’m hoping to convey that things can change, and I sincerely hope they do for you!

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