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    I remember hanging out when we were young. You were nice then. You were always nice though. When no one else would look in my direction, you'd ask about how I am, or what's going on with everyone.

    You always checked in, not out of obligation. You just wanted to know how I was doing. You were/are family, but, you actually acted like it too. I wish I'd talked to you more. I just kind of got used to you being there.

    It's just not right. You weren't much older than me. You were due pretty soon. You had a sweet family that needed you. How could your obvious infection get ignored & go on like that?

    I haven't had a loss feel so heavy since 'she' left us. But, you were happy. I put your name on my special memorial jewelry. I hope that brings some peace to your big legacy.

    I love you, even though you were a silly girl.