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Good news but bad news

Discussion in 'Life Changing or Long Term Physical Illness' started by rabitt3434, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. rabitt3434

    rabitt3434 SF Supporter

    Well today I am glad I found out no need for a biopsy. The sad part is they increased my base line which means my kidney is worse. I am so heart broken. I am so tired of this I dont know how I am going to tell my family. I dont know. Is it even worth fighting anymore? I starting to loose all my hope again. I cant loose this kidney. I am so tired of dealing with physical health issues all the time. I just dont know anymore.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Of course it is worth it, it might be hard but never ever give up on yourself, give yourself more value and more credit. I don't know anything about that condition but wanted you to know we are here and we so care but please hold on...SF has your back! :)
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  3. rabitt3434

    rabitt3434 SF Supporter

    thanks hun I just dont want to end up on dialysis again. I am trying to hang on. Thank you for the support though. If it wasnt for this site I would have given up already. Thank you for helping me fight. JUst wish for once i could get some good news about my health.
  4. EmB

    EmB Well-Known Member

    Hi rabitt - I'm afraid I don't have much advice, because your situation isn't great. I'm sorry to hear it. But no need for a biopsy is hopefully a step in the right direction?

    But whatever happens, we're all here for you - if you need to talk, rant, laugh, cry, be heard or be acknowledged, talk to any of us. We're here to support you.

    Sending hugs

  5. Stan196057

    Stan196057 Member

    Yes,please don`t give up!!You are worth it! You are a very warm and gentle person and we all love you and will stand with you on your fight!
  6. rabitt3434

    rabitt3434 SF Supporter

    thanks you just so hard
  7. Anttmel

    Anttmel Well-Known Member

    Oh Rabitt. I am glad you don't need the biopsy but I know you are disappointed that your health is still not good. Please know that you are stronger than you think. You have much to offer the world.
    Mel XO
  8. rabitt3434

    rabitt3434 SF Supporter

    thanks just wish for once I could hear something positive. I am not ready to go down that road yet or even think about it yet. It breaks my heart and makes me feel like I failed the family of this donor and let them and my family down
  9. Sarahphim

    Sarahphim Well-Known Member

    Hey Rabbit,
    Sorry to hear the good news was tempered with some not so good news. Don't feel like you've failed the family of the donor. They gave you the gift of another day, for you and for the memory of their loved one. Transplant is hard on the organs and even though you need it, the body has other ideas. I have a good friend that has had a transplant and multiple issues. It's hard on everyone, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. You have had the strength to make it this far, which shows just how awesome and capable you are. Hugs.