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Anybody who has been here for more than a couple weeks knows the struggles I've had. I carefully planned my suicide for June 3. I had lists of things to do. I had anatomical drawings so that I could be as certain of success as I could possibly be. While doing my research, I found this place.

I posted my story and got several responses from other people who had been just as broken and desperate. People who actually seemed to CARE! Care more than the counsel I had face to face here at home. One of my contacts here encouraged me to come to chat. I went, read for a while and finally said hello. Before long I was crying out my story. Nobody scoffed at me. Nobody told me I was stupid. Nobody told me I was screwed up and wrong to feel how I did. Nobody did anything but love and support and encourage me. They hugged me and held my hand and cried with me in spirit. They helped me keep living, sometimes one minute at a time. June 3 passed and I was still here.

And then...I started to come out of the deep funk! I started feeling better! My friends here cheered me on. Next thing I knew, I was actually trying to encourage someone! It was an amazing feeling. I felt strong enough to confront my tormentor and then consult an attorney.

I'm still far from all better, but I see progress and I see strength where there was none. 95% of that is due to the people right here in SF. I'm so grateful to everybody here that has helped me. I'm going to tag several but I'm sure I will leave someone out accidentally. You know who you are, you need to know how grateful I am. I love y'all!

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