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Growing Depression and Anxiety

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I'm not doing so good... I'm aware that there are resources. But I have no support from my family. I feel alone in this. I'm living this lie of being okay, of doing great in in my summer courses.. but I'm not okay and withdrew from my courses because of that I can't..... Not right now... I'm not ready to be back. I want to tell my family. You know, "Hey mom and dad, I withdrew from my classes because of my growing depression and anxiety and I just want to take this time to focus on me. Sorry I didn't tell you this sooner but I mean shit... you knew I was suffering.. why? Why say one thing then turn around and say something else?... now the eyes of all of my family are on me... and I'm cornered. I just don't know what to do...... I need help but I don't know how to cry out with the rest of my family Staring at me. and so.... my mouth remains shut.
Sorry to hear that you are going through this Nyima

I think you did the right thing by withdrawing from your classes, it really sounds like focusing on your health and well-being is the right thing, even if your parents don't agree.

It may just be that you won't get much support from your parents in making this decision, even though you were right. You may have to look elsewhere for that support

If you are in the US or Canada, you can call 211 or visit www.211.org
They can help with healthcare and a bunch of other things. Not sure if they could help, but maybe

Can you get some guidance from your therapist?
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